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Brother Cortado Workplace App Download – Cortado Workplace lets Apple® iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® mobile device users print wirelessly whenever they’re connected to the same network as their compatible printer.

Become a team player and start now with Team place. Get free 10 GB cloud storage for your files and create team projects, each with free unlimited cloud storage to share data with your teams.

Brother Cortado Workplace

Brother Cortado Workplace

What do you get with Team place?

• 10 GB cloud storage for personal files for free
• Unlimited cloud storage everytime you want to share data with others – always free for 90 days
• With activity streams for every team project, you’ll never miss any team activity
• File comments for comfortable team communication
• Automatic file versioning
• High-security servers in Germany
• Full support of 360-degree images and videos

How it works!

MYPLACE – Your free 10 GB cloud for personal files
Myplace is the location for your files, which only you can access. You got 10 GB for free to access your files and documents anytime from anywhere.

TEAM PLACES – The cloud storage to share files with teams
If you want to collect photos with friends or share data with colleagues, you merely create new team projects – called Teamplaces. Of course, you can have multiple Teamplaces at once. Then you only invite others to join a Teamplace and to upload their files or collaborate on your existing data.
Every created team project is always free with unlimited cloud storage and no limitations for 90 days. Since that’s enough for most of the team projects, the only thing to do after the 90 days is to archive all files.

What can I do with it?

With a free Cortado account, the Cortado Workplace application and a compatible Brother Printer or All-in-One, Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile device users can:

  • Wirelessly print multiple types of documents and photos directly from a mobile device while connected to the same network as a compatible Brother device

What is the benefit?

Cortado gives you the flexibility to print wirelessly to a Brother Printer or All-in-One, as long as you are connected to the same network as the supported device. Because Cortado uses the Brother printer driver, the output will look the same as when printed from your computer.

Brother Cortado Workplace App Download

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